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Current data: December Quarter 2015
Next release: March Quarter – released around mid June 2016

(click chart for larger image)

Adelaide Building Approvals

Adelaide Median House Price

Adelaide Rents

Adelaide Vacancy Rate

Brisbane Building Approvals

Brisbane Median House Price

Brisbane Rents

Brisbane Vacancy Rate

Canberra Building Approvals

Canberra Median House Price

Canberra Rents

Canberra Vacancy Rate

Hobart Building Approvals

Hobart Median House Price

Hobart Rents

Hobart Vacancy Rate

Melbourne Building Approvals

Melbourne Median House Price

Melbourne Rents

Melbourne Vacancy Rate

Perth Building Approvals

Perth Median House Price

Perth Rents

Perth Vacancy Rate

Sydney Building Approvals

Sydney Median House Price

Sydney Rents

Sydney Vacancy Rate

(click chart for larger image)

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