The Wealth Power of Property

by Fred & Brett Johnson (Published: 1997 – ISBN 0646316354)

The biggest mistake you can make.
Predicting property market growth.
Selecting the best property.
Why do some investors fail?
When to sell?

Co-written by Fred Johnson, founder of the DF Johnson group of companies and Brett Johnson, Managing Director of Quartile Property Network, The Wealth Power of Property is essential reading for investors seeking to understand counter-cyclical property investment. This 240 page book explores issues never before published in Australia.

Note: The Wealth Power of Property was originally published in 1997. Markets have certainly changed since that time – but the principles of successful property investment have not.

Chapter 1: Why Residential Property?

Chapter 2: Why Do Property Values Rise?
Chapter 3: Predicting Property Market Growth
Chapter 4: A Simple Philosophy
Chapter 5: The Enormous Potential Of Leverage
Chapter 6: Become A Property Multi-Millionaire In Fifteen Years
Chapter 7: The Tax Advantages of Residential
Chapter 8: Depreciation – The Big Sleeper
Chapter 9: How To Establish Net Yield
Chapter 10: Capital Growth – The Number One Consideration
Chapter 11: Always Buy Never Sell
Chapter 12: Will Property Keep Rising In Value?
Chapter 13: Does Inflation Affect Property Values?
Chapter 14: Selecting The Best Property
Chapter 15: Other Types Of Investment & Why To Avoid Them
Chapter 16: But Could I Live In It?
Chapter 17: The Biggest Mistake You Can Make
Chapter 18: Finding The Property
Chapter 19: Resort Property
Chapter 20: No Hassle Property Management
Chapter 21: Appraisal Methods of Investment Performance

Chapter 22: Future Trends In Property
Chapter 23: The Property Optimizer

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